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Project Title
ecommerce Website
UI/UX Designer


Whoopey is an e-commerce website, where a person can buy electronic gadgets and Home appliances for their daily life. My role was researched on ideas that met both customer needs and business goals. I prioritised and negotiated features for the first release.


The challenge of this project was to design a valuable e-commerce site among the city where the online shoppers ruled. How might we improve the user’s experience, so that we attract new users and the conversion rates increase?

User Research

Understand Competitors, Understand Customer. It is important to know how our competitors do, and learn from their strength. We analysed more than 10 e-commerce website including famous domestic websites and direct competitors. However, it is not enough to know our competitors, but also important to know our self, know whom we are designing for. We created personas and scenarios to help us get an insight of our users.

User Personas

These user personas are compiled after observing customers who visit electronic gadget shop and listening to conversations between them and salesman. Customer can be identified into two user personas.

User Journey

Information Architecture

The business goal of this website is to sell. Because of that, pages directly related to purchasing (search, item information, item purchase, delivery and payment information, and checkout pages) are critical and identified with key navigation path. They will be the focus of this case study.



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