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Project Title
iOS Mobile Banking
UX Designer
Canara Bank


It is a concept application for Canara Mobile Banking. At this moment of digital transformation, the banking sector is faced with several challenges, including that of user experience. This study would be help the canara bank customers to make the transaction easy and get some awesome digital experience with canara bank.

Interview Notes

I have created some task list from Canara Bank iOS App. Then I have chosen 3 Users to do some of the tasks that I shortlist from the Canara Bank App. And I explain it below.

Task Lists

  • Balance check for all accounts
  • Check account details
  • Personalised services
  • Recharge and bill payment
  • Apply new services

User Scenarios

User 1

(Tasks:) I had given two tasks to this user. The first one is that to check all accounts balance (Savings Account, Credit Account, Salary Account and Fixed Deposit Account). And the second one was to check the account details.

(Problems:) This user said that he is not able to check all account balance in a row. He was chosen different ways to know the balance of each account under one person. He was not able to find the section of the account details in App.

User 2

(Tasks:) Assigned a task to check which personalised services available under this account are (Credit card payment, Car loan EMI, House loan EMI, Personal loan EMI, Education loan EMI and Gold loan).

(Problems:) This user said it, there is no any option in this App to pay the EMI except Personal Loan. Even no way to check the details.

User 3

(Tasks:) Apply new services (Apply new credit card or debit card) and check out how many cards already have on this account.

(Problems:) There is no way in this app to know that how many cards are having under this account.

Data Research

I have researched and read many of UX Articles (Like:,, talking about banking applications. The articles say that make easy to access all necessary common things like the person know balance, quick transfer and available personalised services under the account.

Analytical & Logical Reasoning

1- Balance check

Show the balance amount of all accounts in the dashboard, it should help the customer for their next move.

2- Personalised services

Show the services only of each person have used. It means the person knows the loan details if took the loan. Like EMI’s and gold loan expiry date and credit card bill due date.

3- Recharge and bill payment

Quick access to monthly needs like mobile recharge and home & office bill payment.

4- Card Management

Block immediately (Credit or Debit) when you lost your cards or make temporarily inactive.

5- Apply new services

Apply for a new cards or Loans without visiting branch for existing customers.

6- Accounts details

Accounts number, IFSC Code, Account open date, Account status, Personal details.

User Flow

Wireframe Solutions

Visual Design

Screen Mockups

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