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Project Title
iOS Alarm App
UI/UX Designer


Alarm is one of the most popular alarm clock apps. It has the standard alarm clock features. That includes music alarms, snooze button customization, and a lot more.

Wake up gently to your favorite music and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm.

User Flow

Hand Drawn Wireframes

In human–computer interaction, paper prototyping is a widely used method in the user-centered design process. It helps come with a design that meets the user’s expectations and needs. The method was used to understand the primary tasks of the user at any given point of the screen. This led to the formation of the informa on architecture- defining the primary, secondary and tertiary tasks of the user and their progressive disclosure.

This is a set of hand drawn sketches I made to illustrate what I had in my mind.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Visual Design

Screen Mockups

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